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CONTACT US!    Vancouver: 604-613-8603
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10 Reasons Why Pure Luxe Painting is Better Than the Competition


1) Our quotes are accurate and fair

We believe we can offer exceptional service to our clients at an affordable price. Our quotes are accurate and detailed so you can compare apples to apples. Don’t take our word for it ask our previous clients.

2) We bring you coffee!

When we come to give you an estimate we will bring you your favorite coffee just as a thanks for giving us the opportunity to do business with you.

3) We only hire and work with the best painters

Our interview process is rigorous for a painting position. We conduct first a telephone interview then an in person interview and finally a working interview at a job site. After all is passed we run security clearance and background checks on all of our staff. Our clients want to know they can trust not only the company but the employees of that company with their home.

4) We pay our staff well

You get what you pay for. This proves itself time and time again, we would rather pay our employees well to get the best talent in the industry as well as to keep those employees long term. This transfers right to your project in the experience and skill you will receive on your next project.

5) Our focus is on the prep work

Proper preparation will ensure the work will last. Sure we can do a job quickly and make it look    good as many companies do however our work will last 3 or 4 times as long as another companies just because of our attention to detail when conducting preparation.  If your going to do a job you may as well do it right otherwise it will cost you in the long run.

6) Quality that is unmatched

Our cut lines are clean, the materials we use are the best, and our painters skills are unmatched in the industry. Enough said.

7) An owner who is pickier than you

When conducting inspections often times it’s not the home owner that asks us to touch things up  it’s our owner because he believes that going above and beyond on every project no matter how small is the best way to build a sustainable business.

8) We are clean

You won’t even know we are there. Not only do we clean the site daily we also pay close attention to your valued possessions like furniture etc. We cover all floors and mask all furniture to prevent any accidents.

9) On Time

Nobody likes to wait. We are on time to our estimates, our painters are on time daily and we constantly update you with the timeline and schedule for your painting project. This way you do not have to wait.

10) All work comes with a No Questions Asked Warranty 

Our work is comes with the Pure Luxe Warranty. It is a 2 year no questions asked warranty.