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Decorative Painting Ideas

Your home should be a reflection of you. If you’re looking for an easy way to revamp a single room or an entire floor and give it a personal touch that matches your personality and style, decorative painting is the perfect home project for you! No longer do you have to stare at blank walls of a single colour. Why settle for an ordinary paint job when you could boost the room’s appeal with decorative painting? This unique option enhances any interior design.

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How to Choose the Right Paint Colour

How to Choose the Right Paint Colour

When it comes time to repaint your house, nothing is more important than choosing the right paint colour. Paint colour can change peoples’ perception of your home, giving off a cool and active feeling or warm and cozy, depending on your selection. Choosing the right paint colour depends on a variety of factors, including:

  • Age
  • Architecture type
  • Personal preference
  • Type of room
  • Desired mood
  • Lighting
  • Furniture
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Exterior Home Painting: Brush or Sprayer?

When you decide to paint the exterior of your home there are many factors to consider. For one, colour can make or break the aesthetic appearance of your dwelling and tie in your door, window shutters, and landscape design. Additionally, it can add to your home’s curb appeal, making it more valuable to your British Columbia or Saskatchewan neighbourhood.

When hiring a painting company in Western Canada, consider asking the painters what method they plan to use to paint the exterior of your home. The two most popular methods to paint your home’s exterior is to use a brush (and/or roller) or a sprayer. Below, we outline the pros and cons of using a brush or roller versus using a sprayer to paint your house.

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Everything You Need to Know About Exterior Painting

Vancouver & Saskatoon Residential Painters

House Painters in Vancouver, Canada

Your home is one of your largest investments, and in the Vancouver area, home values are some of the highest in the world. If you’re thinking about painting or restoring your home, choosing the right painting company is of utmost importance. So, how do you find and select the right Vancouver painter? Below, we outline everything you need to know about exterior painting—from choosing the right painter to project completion.

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HomeStars Best of 2014 Award

Interior & Exterior Painters

homestars best of 2014

Pure Luxe Painting is proud to accept the HomeStars Best of 2014 Award. This exclusive award is given to only the best home services companies across Canada, as determined by HomeStars. We will be accepting the award on Tuesday, February 3, 2015 at the HomeStars annual gala.

This award is a direct result of our dedication to customer service, and we would not have won this award without the fantastic work of our employees. We want to extend a special thanks to our Director of Operations, John Holmes. John is dedicated to providing top-notch service to our customers and will go above and beyond the call of duty to guarantee their happiness. Great work, John!

Our Painting Services

Pure Luxe Painting is a full-service painting company located in Vancouver and Saskatoon, Canada. We offer:

  • Residential painting services
  • Commercial painting services
  • Heritage home restoration
  • Hire a painter for a day
  • And more!

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Why You Should Read Homestars Reviews

Using Homestar’s Vancouver Painters Reviews

Finding a contractor for painting these days can be a difficult and stressful task. Most people find there painters through a recommendation of someone they know, but what if you do not know anyone that can recommend a painter. Well the second best thing to do is to first search for painting companies online, if the company you’re going to hire has taken the time and effort to create a professional website, along with money spent on branding then you can safely assume this company probably cares about their future and therefore should do a decent job.

Vancouver Paint Colour Trends for 2015

Paint Colour Trends for 2015: North West Coast Paint Colours

Benjamin Moore has always led the painting industry when we are speaking about colour trends and superior design and colour palette. We often look to Benjamin Moore when we are deciding on paint colours for our clients

The colour of the year in 2015 is called Guildford Green HC-116. This is a neutral green that is a bit silvery according to Benjamin Moore and is part of their historic colour collection. A few nice colours that go with Guildford Green is Shadow Gray 2125-40 and Country Life 1490:

Vancouver Painters Product Review: the Graco 1095 Ultramax Sprayer

Pure Luxe Painting Product Review: the Graco 1095 Ultramax Sprayer

Pure Luxe Painting just purchased the big boy sprayer from Graco the 1095 Ultramax. The reason that we purchased this machine was because we were looking for a quality sprayer that could do it all from elastomeric coatings to large commercial painting projects where we could run two guns off it and perform at maximum capacity.

After using it I can say without a doubt it was a great investment. It works fast and efficiently and is extremely quiet. The only downside to the unit is that it is very heavy so loading it in and out of the truck takes two people but once you have it down on the ground it works well.

Overall its a great unit to purchase but only if you are doing high volume as well as the odd elastomeric coating.

New Construction Painting for Builders – Painting and Processes

Our New Construction Painters & Processes

Painting New Construction in Vancouver can be a very simple and stress free process or quite the opposite. On a new construction site there are so many trades and so many moving parts that it is hard to keep the schedule moving along without having people get in each others way. We have now done enough new construction painting to know the correct procedure to eliminate inefficiency as well as costly deficiencies.

It is important to start the project off with a clear understanding of what you are responsible for painting, from there you can set up a schedule with the builder of when you would like to do each step of the process.

Fresh Interior and Exterior Paint to Sell Your Vancouver Home

Vancouver Interior House Painting Photo inside home

How Painting Your Home Adds Return on Your Investment

Vancouver home prices are some of the highest in the world. When you go to sell your home, townhouse or condo in Vancouver if you spend just a fraction of your homes value on sprucing it up you will not only get more money for it but you will also have a much easier time selling your home.

Painters Rates and Pricing in Vancouver Area

Vancouver Painting prices vary greatly depending on the quality of finish as well as how much detail work is involved.

The price per square foot for painting which would include trim, ceiling and walls is between $2.50/sq ft and $5.00/sq ft, depending on a few different factors.