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Apartment, Townhouse & Condo Painting

From Vancouver, BC to Saskatoon, SKApartment, townhouse and condo painters in Vancouver, BC & Saskatoon, SK

Do you own or manage a property management company? Do you need a commercial painter in the Vancouver, BC or Saskatoon, SK regions to paint your apartment complex or townhouses?

With multiple offices throughout the provinces of British Columbia and Saskatchewan, Pure Luxe Painting offers world-class interior and exterior commercial painting services for property management companies and private apartment building owners. No matter if you need the inside of a few apartments painted or an entire block of townhouses, call Pure Luxe Painting! We offer free, no-obligation estimates for all of our commercial painting projects.

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Commercial Painters Revamping Apartments, Townhouses & Condos

No property manager wants vacant living spaces. Other than price, overall appeal of your rental property is one of the most important factors when tenants search for housing. Both the interior condition and exterior condition of your property need to be clean and well-painted. That’s where we come in!

Additionally, it’s recommended that landlords and property managers repaint the interior of a building at least once every three years. Depending on your tenants, the inside of your apartment complexes, townhouses, or condos may need to be painted as often as every year or when a tenant moves out.

At Pure Luxe Painting, we work with Strata managers, property management companies, and private building owners to find a commercial painting solution that’s right for you. We can paint multiple units, an entire building, or your entire property. Give us a call to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our professional estimators.

Vancouver: 604-613-8603 | Saskatoon: ​306-717-2520

Townhouse, Apartment & Condo Painters

Why Choose Pure Luxe Painting?

We understand that as a property manager price is an important factor when budgeting for the future and deciding how to spend your maintenance dollars. At Pure Luxe, we believe quality and value are just as important. When you repair your townhouse, apartment, or condominium, you want a paint job that will last.

The longevity of your paint depends on several factors:

1.) Preparation.Apartment, townhouse, and condominium painting services in Vancouver & Saskatoon

Each and every surface needs to be properly prepped. This includes scraping any paint, filling all holes, removing and replacing old caulking, and much, much more.

2.) Products

The products being used need to be appropriate for the job – and in the Vancouver and Saskatoon areas, this means your paint must be able to withstand harsh winters and an extremely wet climate. We recommend using a higher grade paint in order to maximize the purchasing power when painting an apartment building, condos, or townhouses.

4.) Paint Application

For the best results, hire a professional commercial painter.

Budget, Schedule & Timeline

Managing a property management company is difficult. Between various properties, hundreds of tenants, and running a successful business, aligning project logistics is always a top priority. That’s why our goal on every commercial painting project is to provide a job that is on budget, on time, and on schedule at all times. We offer:

  • Minimal distractions – We’ll strategically plan our painting projects to tackle a few units at a time. This ensures our equipment is isolated to only the working area and poses minimal distractions to the tenants around.
  • Friendly service – Before painting an apartment, townhome, or condo, we introduce ourselves to each tenant. We treat your tenants like family! Our painters are friendly, courteous, and want to make sure your tenants feel safe while we paint your property.
  • Efficient cleanup – Each and every night, we’ll clean up our entire work area, including ladders, excess paint, and any other equipment we may use throughout he painting project. We’ll never leave our equipment unattended.

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