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FAQ: Pureluxe Painting Company in Vancouver BC

Painting Rates: How much does it cost?

This is a very difficult question to answer without seeing the job. Job cost is based off of how many hours it will take to paint. Our company provides a very high quality process however we are not the most expensive, we provide our clients with integrity pricing. We also pass our wholesale paint prices directly onto our customers, we do not mark up paint. For more about our rates and pricing, contact us for a free quote or estimate.

What payment methods do you accept?

​We can accept any credit card, cheque, or cash. We take a 10% deposit when you book the job so we can give you a start date, then when we start the job we will ask for another 20% this covers the paint cost through the job and then you will pay us the remaining 70% once the job is completed to your expectations.

Do you finance painting or home repairs?

​Yes we do have payment plans that can be up to 12 months. Please ask your estimator when they are out to service you.

How do I choose the paint color?

​We work with an excellent designer that can be hired to help you with color and design selection. We have an interactive online system that can help your make your color choices.

Should I do it myself or hire a painting company?

By doing it yourself you can save money but not significantly. First you need to buy your paint which you will pay retail price for not contractor pricing that we get, you will need to buy all supplies, ladders, pressure washers etc or rent them. It will take time because you will need to paint when you are off of work. You also might realize that your not the most talented painter in the world and it may need to be redone which will end up costing you a lot more. With us your home will be painted on time, professionally and most importantly you won’t have a project that starts and never seems to get done.​

​How is your quality of work?

Our painters are the highest paid painters in the industry for a reason, many times our head painters have even gone to trade school for painting. We understand that getting the job done properly the first time is better for our clients and also better for our company.

​What should I expect from start to finish?

You will be given an estimate by a senior estimator/job site manager. This manager will be taking you through the entire process from the initial estimation to the final inspection. You will be given an estimate, then once you have approved you will give us a deposit and we will assign you a start date, we need your color selection 1 week before we start so we can get organized. On the first day of your job the same person who estimated you will introduce the painters for your job and will walk through the job with you and the painters so that everyone is clear of what is expected from them. The manager will be your contact person throughout the job if you need anything or have any questions you can call them. On the last day of the job the same manager will meet with you, walk through the job with you and make sure everything is done to your expectations, then we will run through the final invoice and have you fill out a feedback form on how we did. You will be left with any left over paint, and if a touch up needs to be done please call us and we will be happy to send out a crew member to fix it.

​How does the estimate work?

Our trained estimator/job site manager will set up a good time to meet. Upon arrival they will come in and sit with you at a table and run through a little bit about our company, our values, and how our paint process works. Then you and the estimator will discuss the work that you want done and get clear expectations from you. Then he/she will go off and estimate the job and once they are finished will come back and sit down with you to run through everything. If you accept the proposal then all we take is a 10% deposit which will book you in for the job.

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