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Home Repair & Maintenance

Home Services in Vancouver & Saskatoon from Pure Luxe Painting

From Vancouver to Saskatoon, Burnaby to Regina, Pure Luxe Painting is Western Canada’s premier choice for home repair and home maintenance services. Our team of professionals provide a variety of home services, including cosmetic repairs and routine maintenance.

We specialize in:

  • Siding repairsWashing It Down
  • Siding replacement
  • Pressure washing
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Stucco repairs
  • Fence repair
  • Fence staining
  • Exterior home trim repairs
  • Fascia board repair and maintenance
  • Shed maintenance
  • Drywall installation and repair
  • Shed maintenance

If parts of your home need repair or regular upkeep, contact Pure Luxe Painting for a free, no-obligation consultation!

Home Repairs

Not all home repairs are the same. Depending on the location of the repair, severity, home type (vinyl siding, stucco, etc.), the scope of work required to restore your home to like new can vary dramatically. Our history of home repairs first stemmed from repairing wood boards and vinyl siding before completing an exterior painting project.

Siding Repair & Replacement in BC & SK

It may be difficult to know when to call a professional for siding repairs or when it’s time to replace your siding. Below are some of the most common repairs we complete:

  • Exposed nails – If you find exposed or rusty nails or if your siding begins to tear away from your home, your Home repairs & Maintenance in Vancouver BC & Saskatoon SK
    home is at risk for moisture damage and can leave streaks down your siding.
  • Seams and caulk – Without the proper seal your siding may slowly shift, look uneven, or even fail. At Pure Luxe Painting, we will seal your siding at each seam and joint to prevent your siding caulk from wearing away over time—an important factor to consider in the wet climate of Vancouver and Saskatoon.
  • Paint – Over time, winter weather, sunlight, and other outdoor elements may cause your siding to lose its original beauty. If you want to improve the aesthetic of your home, siding repainting is your best option.
  • Rot and mold – If moisture seeps into your home’s siding it may cause it to rot or promote mold growth. If this is the case or you suspect your siding is rotting, contact Pure Luxe Painting.

Stucco Repairs

Holes and cracks are a common stucco repair issue we see throughout the Vancouver, Saskatoon, and throughout Western Canada. Is stucco falling off the side of your home and causing holes to appear? Our experts are trained to patch stucco holes and match the new stucco texture to the rest of your home. If your stucco cracks, we’ll use a light caulk application to fill the cracks, match the stucco texture, and repaint the repairs.

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Fence Staining & Fence Repairs

Even if your fence is in great condition, sun and other elements will cause your fence coloring to fade over time. When this occurs, call Pure Luxe Painting. After a free estimate, we’ll re-stain your fence to ensure its color does not fade, protect it from rain and snow, and lock in a beautiful, natural look.

Don’t stress about broken boards or a hole in your fence—we offer fence repairs throughout Vancouver, Saskatoon, and their surrounding areas.

Fascia Board & Trim Replacement

Fascia boards often deteriorate and rot, especially in older homes commonly found in Western Canada. Replacing these boards is an integral part of regular home maintenance. Fascia board location makes them naturally vulnerable to the outdoor elements, especially if the species of wood originally installed is old. When repairing or replacing fascia boards it’s important to:

  • Choose the best species of wood
  • Properly place nails
  • Use stainless steel nails or hot-dipped galvanized nails
  • Paint the edges of fascia boards

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