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CONTACT US!    Vancouver: 604-613-8603
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Painting In North Vancouver?

We have been providing painting and home services to North Vancouver with many happy clients. We provide interior painting and exterior painting. Due to the fact that North Vancouver gets a lot more rain than other parts of Vancouver it takes a lot more planning to ensure your home is protected from moisture and failure. Preventative maintenance is very important for North Vancouver residents. This can include pressure washing your home annually to prevent moss and mold build of with leads to deterioration, ensuring that your gutters are always clean of debris and power washing your driveway, patio and deck. Doing this annually will save you from costly replacement down the road.

Painting and replacing caulking on your home regularly is vital to its longevity. If you can prevent moisture from direct contact with wood then that wood will last forever. This is why you should have your home painted and caulked frequently to ensure that it lasts.

SERVICES include:

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