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Our Process

From start to finish you know what you can expect from Pure Luxe Painting

Initial Contact:

Our professional sales staff will answer your call or email in a timely manner and will book a time that works best with your schedule. They will take down a few notes regarding the scope of work you need done and then send you an email confirming the appointment and who has been assigned to estimate your project.

No Obligation Estimate:

Our professional estimator will meet with you and whoever else is involved in the project. He/she will start off by introducing you to our company and how we conduct our business. They will get to know you a bit and then walk through your project with you. Detail is important at this point as we document everything involved in your project. Once we know what is required your estimator will measure and take notes and finally put together a quotation for you. They will finish by presenting the proposal to you and answer any questions you may have.

What will be included on the quote?

  • Obviously the big one Price
  • Materials
  • Timeline Expectations


To accept your project all we require is a 10% deposit on the total cost of the job excluding GST. We will then assign you an estimated start date. Obviously for any exterior projects because we live in beautiful british Columbia there are rain delays that may push the project back.

Preparation to Start:

Picking out colours is tough. Some clients like us to advise them on what is current and others enjoy doing this process on their own. We work closely with several designers that can offer their services to you to help choose those colours. We require the selections 1 week prior to your start date so we can have all paint and supplies ordered on time to start.

Start Date:

In the morning your estimator will introduce you to the site supervisor and conduct a walk through of the project. This is very important that everything is explained in this walk through so that the site supervisor can organize the crew and make sure everything is completed to expectation. On smaller projects we take the balance at the end of the job and on larger projects we do progress payments throughout the project.


Once the painters have completed the estimator will meet with the site supervisor to conduct an inspection. If it passes the estimator will do a final inspection with you. If anything was missed we will mark it down and complete it. We are not finished until we have your approval.

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