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Residential Exterior Painters

Painting the provinces of British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and the lower mainland one home at a time!

Your home is a reflection of you. It represents your taste and style, and provides a welcoming aesthetic to family and friends. But, the exterior of your home takes a beating over time, especially in Western Canada—one of the wettest regions of the world. From heavy rains during the summer to winter storms and cold temperatures during the winter, the exterior of your home endures a lot over time. Keeping your home’s exterior fresh with a new coat of paint can be just what your it needs!

At Pure Luxe Painting, we provide residential exterior painting services throughout the provinces of British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Canada’s lower mainland.

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Our Exterior Painting Process

There are many steps incorporated into an exterior painting project—from prep work to paint application, each step is critical if you want a beautiful, long-lasting, fresh coat of paint to properly adhere to your home. Our painting process includes:

Prep work. Most Canadian homes need to be cleaned before we can paint, and the best way to clean the exterior of your home is to pressure wash it. We use a special cleaning agent to remove any mildew or peeling paint before scraping, sanding, and caulking the sides of your home.

Repairs and/or restoration. Depending on the condition of your home, it may need minor (or even significant) repairs. Our painters are also trained in home maintenance and repairs. We are your one-stop-shop for home repairs, restoration, and painting in Western Canada.

Priming. If your home is made of wood it’s best to prime its exterior before any paint is applied. Primer is an undercoat of paint that improves the paint’s adhesion to your home, increases paint durability, and provides additional protection from outdoor elements like rain, snow, dirt, and debris.

Paint application. In order to provide a beautiful, long-lasting look, we always apply two coats of paint to the exterior of your home (not including a primer coat). If necessary we’ll apply a third layer of paint (completed on aHouse Painters in Vancouver, Canada case-by-case basis). We use industry standard painting methods to paint your home and will protect you and your neighbours’ assets (cars, decks, fences, etc.) from accidental overspray.

We paint:

  • Doors
  • Trim
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Wood
  • Stucco
  • Vinyl
  • Cement
  • Brick
  • And more!

Site management and cleanup. Our method of monitoring your exterior painting project is different than most painting companies. Our painters follow strict guidelines and adhere to the proper chain of command when at a job site. At Pure Luxe Painting, we’re more than just painters. We have a fully-staffed office, an estimator, and an operations manager in addition to our job site supervisors and painters. You can rest assured your home is painted beautifully and completed on time and on budget.

Once your painting project is complete, or even if we need to return multiple days to complete the project, we’ll clean up all paint and supplies. We never leave our equipment unattended. We clean and organize our job site at the end of each work day to protect your family, friends, guests, and pets from our equipment.

When Is the Best Time to Paint My Home?

In Western Canada, especially the Vancouver and Saskatoon areas, there is a short window that is the optimal time to paint the exterior of your home. Being one of the wettest regions in the world, finding the time to paint the exterior of your home (a project that can sometimes take multiple days) can be difficult. We recommend scheduling your painting project between mid-April through September. If possible, it’s best to schedule the project with at least two days of dry weather.

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Schedule Exterior Painting in Western Canada

It’s never a bad time to repaint the exterior of your home. Whether your home’s paint is beginning to peel or you just want to give a fresh, vibrant look to your home, contact Pure Luxe Painting to schedule your exterior painting project. View our portfolio!