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Painting Vinyl Siding

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Vinyl Siding Painting in Vancouver, Saskatoon & the Lower Mainland

Many homeowners elect to replace their vinyl siding when it’s time to revamp their home’s exterior. What most residents don’t know is that instead of replacing their vinyl siding, they can paint it. Painting your vinyl siding is a much cheaper option in the Vancouver and Saskatoon areas—about 70 percent less expensive—than replacing your siding. Additionally, colour limitations used to dictate what colours you could and could not paint your vinyl siding.

Pure Luxe Painting has a variety of paint colours to choose from when you want to paint the exterior of your home. Contact us today for a free, no obligation estimate for your next vinyl siding paint project!

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How We Paint Vinyl Siding

Before painting vinyl siding with acrylic paint because a popular choice, vinyl siding colour options were very limited. Dark colours absorb heat, and previously (before acrylic paint), vinyl siding was unable to be repainted a darker colour than its original shade due to its likeliness to expand and contract—causing various amounts of damage to your home.

With new painting technologies like acrylic paint, our customers can now choose from a large variety of beautiful, vinyl-safe colours that can withstand the stress of expansion and contraction. From the palest pastels to the deepest earth tones, Benjamin Moore’s selection of vinyl-safe paints provide the colour, freedom, and performance you can expect from Pure Luxe Painting.

Our painting process includes:

Cleaning your siding – We’ll hand-scrub your siding or use a power washer to remove mildew, dust, dirt, mud, and other impurities from your siding to allow for maximum paint adhesion and to avoid staining.

Power washing – Once our siding is clean, we’ll remove any loose material or paint as well as sand any peeled edges to create a smooth painting surface.

Painting – Our trained painters will use a hand brush or a patented spray method to repaint your home’s exterior.

Benefits of Painting Vinyl Siding

Although most homeowners paint their homes when they think it’s time to chanvinyl siding paintingge things up, there are other benefits to painting your vinyl siding. These include:

  • Improved durability
  • Less labor intensive than replacing the vinyl siding
  • A refreshed look
  • Increased value to your home
  • Enhanced curb appeal
  • Protection from outdoor elements
  • And more!

When Is the Best Time to Paint My Home?

In Western Canada, especially the Vancouver (BC) and Saskatoon (SK) areas, there is a short window of optimal time to repaint your home’s vinyl siding. Being one of the wettest regions in the world, finding the time to paint your siding (a project that can sometimes take multiple days) can be difficult. We recommend scheduling your painting project between mid-April through September. If possible, it’s best to schedule the project with at least two days of dry weather.

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Schedule Exterior Vinyl Siding Painting in Vancouver & Saskatoon

It’s never a bad time to repaint the exterior of your home or your property’s vinyl siding. Whether your vinyl siding is beginning to peel or you just want to give a fresh, vibrant look to your home, contact Pure Luxe Painting to schedule vinyl siding painting!

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