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Siding Cleaning for Apartments & Townhouses in Vancouver & Saskatoon

Looking for a commercial siding cleaner in the Vancouver, BC or Saskatoon, SK areas? Then you’ve come to the right place! Residents in Western Canada and the lower mainland always appreciate a sense of luxury, especially when it comes at an affordable price. At Pure Luxe Painting, that’s exactly what we do—provide high-quality vinyl siding cleaning services for Strata owners and property management companies at a price that won’t drain your budget.

Our policy is straightforward, if our work isn’t up to the standards of your Strata property—whether it’s a single apartment building, a block of townhouses, or a condominium complex—we’ll return and fix the issue right away.

Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation or head on over to our portfolio to view our recent work!

Vinyl siding cleaning services in Vancouver & Saskatoon

Is Cleaning the Siding on My Strata Property Necessary?

The short answer—yes. If you own or manage a Strata property or run a property management company in the Vancouver or Saskatoon areas, regular upkeep of your apartments and townhouses are vital for tenant retention and leasing to new clients.

Not only can a clean and tidy buildings give your Strata properties a beautiful appearance, it also attracts more potential tenants. Not to mention, mold, mildew, and other residue are well-known contaminants that shorten the lifespan of your vinyl siding and increase the likelihood of repairs throughout its lifetime.

Vancouver: 604-613-8603 | Saskatoon: 306-717-2520

I Need to Clean My Properties Vinyl Siding, But Do I Need to Hire a Professional?

When it comes to cleaning the outside of an apartment building or row of townhouses, many property Strata management companies prefer for their own maintenance crews to perform the cleaning. A common question we get is, “Why do I need to hire a professional to clean my property’s siding?”

When hiring a professional painting and cleaning company in Vancouver or Saskatoon—like Pure Luxe Painting—you know the vinyl siding is cleaned using professional-grade materials (the correct soaps to maximize cleaning and the building’s appearance after completion), equipment (power washers), and up to our standards. Leaving the job up to your maintenance crew could result in a sub-par look and a job not completed to your liking.

Benefits of Vinyl Siding Cleaning

Scheduling vinyl siding cleaning for your Vancouver or Saskatoon area commercial properties is a proactive way to keep your apartments and townhouses to stand out from your competitors. Pressure washing your property’s vinyl siding will:

  • Prevent expensive vinyl siding repairs in the future
  • Improve the value of your Strata properties (apartments, townhouses, condos, etc.)
  • Prevent the growth of mold
  • Prevent the growth of mildew
  • Add beauty to your properties
  • Keep residents satisfied with their neighbourhood’s appearance
  • Attract new tenants and keep old tenants
  • Prevent the buildup of mulch residue
  • Protect against discolouration

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We offer FREE, NO-OBLIGATION consultations for all Strata managers and property management owners in Vancouver, Saskatoon, Burnaby, Surrey, and more. If the vinyl siding on your properties needs cleaning, call Pure Luxe Painting—Western Canada’s premier choice of painters and Strata property maintenance and repairs.

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