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Need a painting company in Vancouver?

We specialize in providing interior and exterior painting services to Vancouver home owners. Painting homes in Vancouver gives our painters a chance to work on a variety of projects from heritage style homes, to condominiums, to mansions. Every project is different and we have the experience and equipment to tackle them all. We can perform a wide variety of finishes, custom work, and refinishing work on wood furniture or kitchen cabinets. You name it we can do it. We work in areas such as Point Grey, Shaughnessy, Kitsilano, Kerrisdale, Southlands and many more communities. Call us today to receive a no obligation estimate on your home in Vancouver.

We go above and beyond…

One of the most important things in running a successful business is making sure you do the little things right, making sure that your memorable, and making sure you go out of your way to make sure your customer is satisfied. We talk about this so much that we created an “above and beyond” policy.

“Each and every project every person involved must do something exceptional for the client that they didn’t expect, you must go ABOVE AND BEYOND”

Our employees don’t continue to do this because they are required, they do this because it’s part of our culture. It could be as simple as finding out what that customers favorite starbucks drink is and showing up with it on the job site, or it could be pressure washing the patio because it was dirty even though it wasn’t in the quote. When you create a culture that truly cares you can do extraordinary work.

What can you expect?

  • Professional Staff
  • On time
  • Thorough proposals
  • Detail Oriented
  • Organized Project Managers
  • Exceptional Communication

We ask good questions so we can deliver a service that exceeds your expectations. We ask questions like “How will you measure success for this project?” or “what is most important to you when you select a painting company?”

Pure Luxe Painting services include:

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