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Wood Staining

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Fence Staining in Vancouver & Saskatoon

High quality fence staining!

Untreated wood adds a natural beauty to any home project, but requires much more regular upkeep than stained wood. For this reason, many homeowners in the Vancouver (BC) and Saskatoon (SK) areas opt to stain their fences rather than leave them untreated.

At Pure Luxe Painting, we offer full service fence staining applications—from surface preparation to quality stain finishes. Our experience staining hundreds of fences and decks throughout Western Canada means we have the tools and expertise to use your stain of choice to enhance the clarity of your wood, not hide it.

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Stain Application Methods

Speaking from experience, the best way to apply a wood stain is to spray the stain onto the surface—not roll or brush. Using a sprayer provides complete coverage while minimizing overall cost of the fence staining project.

Wood Stain Products

Our quality standards are not like the typical painting company you’ll find the Vancouver or Saskatoon areas, which is why we choose to stain fences with Superdeck by Duckback and SharkSkin® by Cloverdale Paint.


If you’re looking for a solid wood stain we recommend SharkSkin from Cloverdale Paint. Made in Canada and initially designed for wet climates, SharkSkin is designed to offer maximum protection against rain and snow. SharkSkin cross-links a 100% Acrylic Resin providing protection from wet weather and UV rays. It’s unique characteristics penetrate your wooden fence and anchor the stain right into its pores—protection made easy!


Superdeck, an industry leading wood stain product, offers a variety of wood stain finishes, including:

  • Unfinished
  • Transparent
  • Semi-Transparant
  • Semi-Solid
  • Solid Color

Superdeck boasts unparalleled durability thanks to it’s unique combination of carnauba, Linseed, and tung oil for protection that can’t be beat. With Superdeck by Duckback you’ll enjoy a scuff-free fence for years to come.

Benefits of Superdeck

Superdeck stain products offer many benefits over its competitors. Some of these benefits include:

  • Only one coat of coverage is needed—compared to a traditional two-coat application.
  • Superior wood highlighting.
  • Three oil formula containing deep penetrating tung oil for long-lasting protection.
  • Highest quality iron oxide pigments to create colors that won’t fade in the sun
  • Formulated to resist mildew and algae growth on the fence’s surface
  • Excellent water repellency.

Fence Brightener

Sometimes your wooden fence needs to be cleaned with a wood brightener prior to staining. This helps restore the wood’s original properties. To do this, we use a simple two-step wood brightening solution prior to staining your fence. Fence brightener helps restore the wood’s original color, removes mill glaze and surface stains caused by tannins, nails, and rust, and reconditions your wood in as little as 30 minutes!

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We know how valuable your time is, which is why when you’re researching painting companies in Western Canada there’s only one name you need to know—Pure Luxe Painting! We offer a variety of exterior painting services, including fence staining, deck staining, and painting vinyl siding.

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